The film project about Ester and John Bauer the Fairy tale Painter

“The Fate of the Mountain King”

The story about John Bauer and Ester is about an artist couple besieged and consumed by each other. One wants to live in the city and by the sea engaging with the people of culture, the other urges for isolation in a hut in the woods.

This love couple seeking the right to their lives and where their conflicts seem to make it hopeless.

May 2016 my feature long documentary “The doctor who refused to give up” was released and has run in full salons in Sweden for a year. Without any marketing just organized by people who wants to see it. That is in fact extraordinary. It has been compaired with the story of Ester and John Bauer.

“You bring forth the dark men and its camaraderie in the light and it gives a wider debate that is not just about Enby and his ideas. The troll bursts in the light of the camera. At the same time, I would also like to praise you for the played scenes. An incredibly strong casting, powerful direction and feeling. There was a presence of your John Bauer in the retold scenes in the movie. The young couple and the relationship between them. In the fragile. Although shortly so well made. Thank you for this.“/ Björn Ericstam

“The Fate of the Mountain King” is thus a film in the realm and still not made. It is about the artist talent John Bauer as 1898, when 16 years old tried to attend the Academy of Art in Stockholm. He is accepted two years later and runs straight into Ester Ellqvist, eventually leading to a tremendous love drama.

John becomes famous early in Sweden especially for his illustrations in fairy tales, but after the world show in San Francisco in 1915, his name is world famous. He is then 33 years old.

Despite worldly success, he is deeply unhappy and finds his life without Esther empty and meaningless. He can not live with or without her.
Then they get a son that means indescribable happiness for John. When life seems to turn and show its brightest side, the darkness of thunder rolls in a storm on open sea. A tragic fate ends the artists unic creation and the love drowns as reality exceeded the poem.

The name John Bauer is well-known in Sweden still today, mainly through a high school group that also went under. But the name is worth so much more.

What makes this story special and unique is not obsession, the essence that characterizes John, not the wide open vulnerability of the couple and the struggle for love, but these constant almost bizarre fate throwing them as a leaf of the wind in different directions, and where survival requires reconciliation. But also then the destiny wants something else.

This is a movie that has to be done. It’s a challenge to try to make a “Hollywood movie” that lacks its multi-million budget, where we are struggling with minimal funds today. Somewhere out there there are those who want to contribute to the realization of the project.

Until then, we will focus on making a trailer that shows how the story in the movie begins.

16 year old John travels to Stockholm alone when his father considers him hopeless in his own industry as a butcher. – “Here you just cut your fingers. Draw you can then become an artist … ”

The current team behind the film project is, in addition to me, Hans Welin and Lars van Sillén who were photographers in “The Doctor that refused to give up” and Helene Cederberg who participated in the film “Bella & Real – the Movie.” Now we have expanded the team and did a 4 min trailer in the fall of 2017. It is available as a pilot on Vimeo

Börje Peratt